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Essay Prompt

Please provide an essay, no longer than two pages typed containing a narrative description of how pursuing higher education will be of assistance in achieving your future goals. You may wish to include how you came to the decision of pursuing higher education, and whether or not this was impacted by your interactions with family members, community members, teammates, teachers or from volunteer/work experience.

Scholarship Application

Applicants must be enrolled in a secondary education institution and intend on pursuing a college degree. Form's must be submitted online. See below for the essay prompt. 

DUE: APRIL 1st, 2018

Past Scholarship Recipients

Charlotte Paige McAulliffe
Jason Carmichael
Maxfield MacPhee
Elizabeth Clark
George Geddes
Daniel Ritchie
Kelly Donovan
Sarah Hunt
Marissa Imperiali 
Benjamin Morse
Jeffrey Tully
Molly Flavin
Kristin Sundberg
Emily Vargeletis
Michelle Mulkern
Ashley Tocci
Kaitlyn  Silva
Emily Gustafson
Wesley Thompson
Colby Goodhue
Kelly Rapoza
Olivia Dineen
Nicholas Koulopoulos
Andre' Imperiali 
Katherine Koulopoulos
Marissa Amichetti
Olivia Gray
Yannis Haikiadakis
Marie Shepherd
Christopher Skelly

Chris Alfond

David Resmini

Will Hitchins

​Dylan Tocci